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Hope Kids, Living Hope Bryan’s Preschool (Babies-Pre-K) and Children’s (K-6th Grade) ministry, is  focused on ministering to children and their parents.

At Hope Kids we want to serve parents as much as we serve children. We want to walk  alongside you as you teach your children to Love God, Love People, Share Jesus, and Make  Disciples. We believe that, even at a young age, children can begin to understand the basis of  biblical truth. Hope Kids is dedicated to teaching your children God’s Word and the Gospel in  an exciting and safe way that makes church a great place to be! Hope Kids will soon be your  children’s favorite place! 

Our Hope Kids directors (preschool: Jessica Moss; children’s: Monica Patrick) are happy to  help you and your children find your place in the Living Hope Bryan family. 



Sunday School: Children meet at the same time as youth and adults.

Worship Care: Living Hope Bryan holds to the principle that God-centered worship is critically important to family life. One way children catch the passion for worshiping God  is by watching the body of Christ enjoy God week after week. Moreover, worshiping  together counters culture’s fragmentation of families. Hence, the ethos of Living Hope  Bryan is to have families worshiping together. Children are always welcome in the  worship service, regardless of age. It is not uncommon to see children wiggling in worship service and hear babies affirming the pastor with cries or coos. 

However, we realize life happens and parents occasionally need a pause in parenting so  they can fully concentrate on hearing from God or have uninterrupted prayer time. We  offer two types of assistance to come alongside parents: 

  • Childcare is available for babies-K during the worship service. 

  • Living Hope Bryan is a church family that helps one another. Families with children of their own have volunteered to have your children sit with their children during the worship service. You get to worship with “line of  sight” of your children and your children meet new friends as they  worship together.

During The Week

Community Groups: Community groups (what some may call Life Groups) meet weekly  in members’ homes throughout Bryan/College Station to spend time in prayer, study God’s word, serve the community, and fellowship with each other. These community groups are inter-generational on purpose. Bringing generations together can actually  enrich everyone’s ability to know God. It is not uncommon for community groups to  span babies to 80’s. 

During The Year

Special Events: Seasonal events (e.g., Kid’s Bible Camp in the spring, Awesome August  Days, Children’s Christmas program, etc.) occur throughout the year.

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