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The worship ministry exists to lead the body of Living Hope Baptist Church Bryan in understanding and practicing the worship of our God. For many of us, we think of worship as being the part of a church service where we sing songs to and about God.  But that is just an expression of worship. Worship is about so much more than just singing songs – it’s about humbling ourselves, being obedient to God in every area of our lives, and seeking to honor Him.


Because we are seen each week in front of (or behind) everyone at church, we are considered leaders.  We need to be sure that our lives during the week reflect the lifestyle of worship (humbling ourselves, being obedient to God and seeking to honor Him).  Worship ministry is not just about singing and playing instruments, and it’s not done solely in the 1-2 hours we are together as a church family each week.  The worship ministry is about living out Romans 12:1 throughout our week as well as using the gifts and talents that the Lord has given us for His glory.  If we find that our leaders are not living a life that is worshipful to the Lord we will ask you to step down until there is reconciliation with the Lord.


There are many areas to serve on the Worship Ministry Team, including:

  • Sing or play an instrument

  • Set-up and put-away of the sound equipment each week

  • Run the computer (words and announcement slides, videos)

  • Run the computer for the Live Streaming

  • Run the sound board

For more information or to get involved, email Chad Stephens at or send him a message on The Realm.

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